The Value Of Education.

A School is part of a community and the community is part of a school.

The value of education can be expressed in many ways. It is said “Education pays because you will be poorer without it”. A good education really means a good start in life. Education is the foundation on which you build a life which is not only richer in money (because the educated person is normally better paid than the person who is less educated) but also richer in quality.

A life of quality is found by people, old and young, men and women, who have wide interests, and who are strongly aware of culture and people, particularly people. Education brings awareness.

Education gives you skills. There are basic which you see at work and which you get at school: reading, writing and arithmetic (known as the 3R’s), plus memory and reasoning skills.


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Education with good guidance will provide the student with social awareness and social skills such as the ability to get on with others, the ability to communicate well, and make decisions, to choose a career and to get on successfully in the first job.

Education in a good school, with a principal who is a leader and has an enthusiastic team of teachers, also provides the students with maturity at an early age and with confidence and competence to meet the outside world. Education therefore provides readiness for future responsible citizenship.

And also, although it is the role of the home to provide the first instruction in and knowledge of the first particular culture, values and religion, it is the task of the school to reinforce these values. However, the student must make his personal choice regarding these matters, and decide what place certain values, cultural influences and religion should have in his personal life.

Education does not stop at the end of a school career. Education after school provides, for those who want to get ahead, added opportunities to reach their goals. One of the very important tasks of skills development centers is to give information about education after school and to help students choose courses which are within their abilities. There are a wide range of courses from secondary technical education to university degrees.

There is a close relationship between education on the one end and social or economic opportunities on the other. Education supplies the need for professional and technically trained manpower in our progressive community.

One of the major functions of the Skills Development Center is to awaken in the student’s educational awareness, an attitude that education is important and that it is worth making a major effort to succeed in school. Educational awareness is the basis for students’ motivation. A student who can’t see the purpose of his studies will not study. Fortunately, many young people  are fully aware that the road to opportunity is through  a good education.

But students’ motivation is caused not only by the acceptance of education as a great goal; it is also caused by the way that education is received. How is the subject taught? How can the teacher encourage and stimulate her students? Why some teachers got classes full hardworking students and first class results every year in public examinations while other teachers have classes full of angry, frustrated or dull students? What does it take to be a good teacher?

We shall see all the answers in our next content.







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