Food security is our goal for our home

It is not easy at times to have enpough food at most orphanage homes around the world. Most of them  don’t have enough land to plant their crops in order to have enough ffod to support their children. Others have to live on daily sponsorship to keepthe orphanage running for somew days. But the solution would be to have a place where these kids can have a work program where they attend garden activities and learn how to fish other than giving them fish.
At Nakaseke Children’s Home, we found a lasting solution for food security. At a small piece of land of two acres, we solicit funds from good Samaritans and grow Maize, Soy beans, beans, sweet potatoes, vegetables and some other seasonal crops to keep us going for some time. With a few school going children that we have, we make a program that when they are out of class they attend the gardens so that training the brains goes along side with training the hands.
We make a quick calculation that when we receive some donations like $100, we but seeds and fertilizers and we do the rest ourselves at out own pace when we have time. We value time so much that when we get out of class, each one knows where to go because each kid has got his or her own garden to look after.

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