Child Abuse Is Still Common

When I visited Maria Nalwanga from her home which is just 3 kilometers from Nakaseke Children’s Home to see how she is fairing with her brothers and grandma, i was preturbed to find her hand wrapped with a hanky. Her grandma was away and she looked so sad and in pain. Her eldre brother Steven Kavuma who is just ten years had gone to collect firewood in the forest to sell in the nearby town 2 kilometers from their home and her younger brother Calvin was sweeping the yard.004
Maria going to school with her wound
Apparently their grandma had gone to a drinking spree to take alcohol, leaving these young kids to take care of every thing. This old grandma is 70 years and she has no support . Recently, we visited her with some domestic needs and gave them household items for their home.

It was on this day that I found Maria with her wounded hand. I asked her what happened and she cried! She narrated how how grandma bit her hand the previous night when she came back home drunk and bit her hand.
What was the reason? Maria was found sleeping and she shares a bed with her younger brother but the blanket they share is not big enough to cover them both. Calvin was struggling to pull one side of the blanket and the other was also pulling the side. The battle was for a mere blanket and when Calvin tried to cry, grandma was quick to jump up and bit Maria with her teeth. 002
Maria showing a wound that she got after being bitten by her Grandma
Now Maria is struggling with a big wound. The problem now ls that when we report this case to police, they will arrest and punish this old grandma and leave these kids in the house alone.

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