Nakaseke Children’s Home – Orphans’ Stories.

70 year old Maria Mary Kyofuna with 3 of the 7 orphans she looks after.

70 year old Maria Mary Kyofuna with 3 of the 8 orphans she looks after.

Maria Mary Kyofuna with 3 of her 8 orphans she looks after.

Maria Mary Kyofuna is 70 years old widow. Her husband died in a bush war that liberated Uganda from 1981-1986. She had 11 children all from one husband. All their property was stolen and the land was also taken by her landlord because they had not secured a land title from him. She was left to wander with her children from one place to another.

However, her children started to die of AIDS. Leaving behind some little ones without any proper care. She has buried 4 of her children dying of AIDS. Two of her 7 remaining children died in a war torn country of South Sudan where they had gone to do business to support their mother and some orphans together with their young ones.

The remaining 5 of Maria’s children are living in abject poverty and they cannot support their mother at the same time support their own children.

Maria has tried her best to support her little orphans to take them to school and feed them. But the climate change has not favored her. Maria is a peasant farmer who survives from hiring a small land to plant some maize and beans to sell and support her little ones. But the long drought in Uganda has disappointed her and she is now crying foul.

She has now opted to drop her grand children from school and they are no longer going to school for lack of school fees.


Maria and her little ones live 3 kilometers from Nakaseke Children’s  Home. She lives in a small house she built on her own with the support of her little ones and some few friends. Although the plot of land she bought is in a swamp, mosquitoes can’t be avoided. They need blankets, mattresses and mosquito nets to prevent them from malaria – another deadly disease that kills most of our people.


Steven Kavuma

Stephen Kavuma is 10 years old and lives with her grand mother Maria. He is now the strongest of the family as he does not discriminate work. He wakes up early in the morning to go and look for firewood in the forest so he can sell them and buy food and some domestic needs as her grand mother is doing other house chores. He dropped from school in primary four in the second term of 2016. His dream job is to become a doctor.

Stephen is opportunistic and looks forward for that day when his dream will become a reality. He wishes to support her grandmother when he grows up and start work. He wants to build her a beautiful house to live in.


Maria Nalwanga 8 years Old

Nalwanga Maria is 8 years old. She dropped from school in the second term of 2016. She was in primary 2 in Nakaseke SDA primary school. Her dream job is to become a Lawyer. Although Nalwanga is an orphan, she is hopeful that poverty will not determine her future. She is happy to  be a child of God and she knows Jesus loves her and her family. One day all the problems will be carried away by Jesus when He comes back.









Mwanje Calvin is six years old.

Innocent as he looks, Calvin has never seen any of his parents except his grandmother. Her mother abandoned them when he was just six months old. He has lived with his grandmother since his infancy. He believes he will be an Engineer when he grows up to support his old grandmother build her a bungalow. He has missed his third academic year in a nursery school when he   dropped from school in 2016 second term.